Registration for our May 24, 2019 Memorial Day Weekend event is open!
3 Day Rally From Chicago to Nashville (and back) | Charity: Illinois State Police
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By clicking I agree, I understand by participating in Ultimate Road Rally, URR Consulting LLC and any affiliates and or sponsors are not responsible for any of my actions or others actions during the scheduled events. This includes but is not limited to: damages, injury, death or any form, and or act of God, weather, world events. All drivers must have valid drivers license and insurance.
Ultimate Road Rally (URR) is a drive at your own risk event and assumes no liability for your or other driver's actions during the event. We expect everybody to drive safely at all times. URR also asks that you obey the rules of the road while participating in the event (obeying posted speed limits, construction, IDOT signs, police, pedestrians and other drivers.) This is not a race. The winners will be judged on the team effort and score.
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