Ultimate Road Rally is an INVITATION ONLY event that combines teamwork, exotic cars and challenging missions.
Because this is an invitation only event, exact details will be emailed to the drivers once registration is complete. Events take place in the Chicago area and typically run from 9am-6pm. Breakfast, snacks and early dinner will be provided for all participants. This is an upscale event, so expect a great dining experience with gourmet options.
Ultimate Road Rally is the definition of the name:
  • 30 cars will be invited and split up into 6 teams.
  • Each team will have missions and challenges to complete as they drive the route.
  • All participants will be supplied with 2 way radios, maps and directions during the event.
  • The team who successfully completes within the time limit and has the most points will be Ultimate Road Rally champions.
If you have questions, contact us.
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Ultimate Road Rally

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