Ultimate Road Rally
URR is a “real life video game” that allows participants to drive their own vehicles, join other real drivers and visit real destinations. Rally participants score points on our app by completing tasks!
Yes! Anyone can join our app and fun. Some destinations do not require you to drive to the location. Therefore, you can still earn points by participating.
Most events are FREE! For events that require payment, this means URR is including food, hotels or entry into rally destinations. These costs will be included in the registration fee for the event.
Verified members have previously attended a LIVE URR event, own an exotic car (or multiple) and are known by members in the car community. Once you have established a reputation on our app, you can request to be verified. Verified members have access to premier events.
In each game, the points determines the winners. Points that are earned at events are redeemed for FREE GEAR in our gift shop. Your points never expire. Which means, you can save points for bigger prizes in our gift shop.
We try to host weekly events. Not every event will be the same. Notifications will be sent through the app for new events. Events are also listed on the homepage of our app. You can register for as many events as you like.
Sponsors get “Gold badge” and company logo on their profile. The company info will also be on our sponsors page. This is a great way to offer specials to URR members and have them support your business. Sponsors can either be locations or online only websites. You can request to be a sponsor on your edit profile page. Pricing and information is also in our app or contact app@ultimateroadrally.com.
Below are some images and videos to help you with using our app.
Ultimate Road Rally
Ultimate Road Rally
URR Main Sponsors
Ultimate Road Rally

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