Spring 2010: Car Cruise for Cancer
Ultimate Road Rally™ began, under the name of Car Cruise For Cancer (CCFC), when a small cruise to a car show transformed into something meaningful. Founder, Omar Salaymeh, realized how much of a difference these cars and the people driving them could really do. There were only 5 cars on that first drive. But that didn’t matter. The quality in the group made up for the quantity.
May 2010: First Event
The first rally as CCFC was underway. 22 cars were part of the event. The event started as a small lunch with a quick cruise around the Chicago suburbs. Every driver got a sticker to place on their car. Our mix of exotics and American sports cars stayed as a group and everybody had a lot of fun. This first event raised $700 for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.
June 2011: Poker Run
We had a whole year to make things better...and we did! We brought on some local sponsors who were able to take our rallies to the next level. Drivers and passengers showed up at Chicago Motor Cars (the first official sponsor) for lunch. Then our 30 cars competed in a “poker run” where the car with the best poker hand over 5 sponsored stops won the challenge.
August 2011: Scavenger Hunt
With the success of the poker run, We decided to try for one more event in 2011. This time we split up the drivers into teams of 6 cars for the Ultimate scavenger hunt. This event changed the way our rallies would be organized.
2013: The Year of the Rallies
After taking 2012 season off, CCFC changed its name to Ultimate Road Rally (URR). The new name was more fitting to what the event had evolved into. Also, the demand for our events grew so quickly that we had summer and fall events. With the new format, teams scored points based on team photos and missions which created more of a friends and fun atmosphere at the events.
2014: Present Times
URR has grown a lot from that first event. We never changed our foundation of bringing the right people out for the right cause. We now have over 20+ events under our belts which also include cruise nights and track days. URR has help create countless memories and relationships over the years. With how quickly we have grown, we are excited about the future of Ultimate Road Rally.
Ultimate Road Rally